About Us

Knowledge and Experience
At AquaScience, your water problems are our business, our only business. Our Professional Services Division is uniquely qualified to find the right solutions to them! Staffed by certified water treatment specialists and consultants thoroughly familiar with all water treatment technologies, our Professional Services Division is guaranteed to find the solution to your problems, while carefully adhering to the regulations and parameters set by government and industry.

As consultants, the technical staff of our Professional Services Devision has but one goal, to solve the water problems that are specifically yours. Their allegience is to you, and you alone. So they will determine and recommend the best specific solution from those available. And they will choose the best without regard to commercial alliance or allegience to any single manufacturer because AquaScience is not aligned with any single technology or specific solution.

The Right Choice of Technology, too!
Water. Make it right! With treatment, purification, or ultra-pure. And AquaScience will use the technology required; deionization, reverse osmosis, filtration, ultra-violet, softening, or separation. We'll do what's needed for whoever needs it. Your water... and its problems... are our business. And our solutions are Guaranteed!

Assessing The Problem...Finding the Right Solution
Expertise... lots of it .. hard earned through more than 5 decades in this field, will be applied skillfully and quickly to the analysis of your water problems and the immediate application of the right, cost-effective solution using the equipment that will best serve it. Our technicians will commit their time and their expertise to you, advising, recommending and/or executing what is needed, up to a complete "turnkey" operation... Rent, Lease, or Purchase...

The Right Engineering, Systems Design, and Equipment to Correct and Solve your Problems
And the installation is only the beginning, because AquaScience Professional Services Division will provide a complete and thourgh after-market service... a conscientious follow-up that ensures the applied solution is working and your water problems are over! Yes, our solution will be the right one. We guarantee it with expertise, service, and maintenance.

Wherever there's a water problem, there's an AquaScience Professional Services Division Solution. And it's tailor-made to suit your needs and your type of operation whether industrial, commercial, municipal or residential.