Products - 2850

The 2850

  • 1-1/2" commercial water conditioning control
  • 1-1/2" top mount control valve ideal for smaller-size commercial/industrial applications.
  • Fully adjustable 5-cycle control delivers controlled upflow backwash, downflow brining, slow rinse, rapid rinse and downflow service.
  • Choice of 7/12 day clock, manual or meter initiated regeneration.
  • Solid lead free brass valve body.
  • Time-tested hydraulically balanced piston, seal, and spacer concept to pilot service flow and regeneration.
  • Consistent brining regardless of salt levels with timed brine refill.
  • Backwash capacity handles tanks up to 30" diameter.
  • Continuous flow rate is 51 gpm with a backwash of 49 gpm. Ideal for filter applications.

Specifications and Performance:

Valve MaterialInlet/OutletCycles Lead Free Brass1-1/2" NPT (female)5
Flow Rate (50 psi inlet)   Continuous (15 psi drop)   Peak (25 psi drop)CvMaximum Backwash (25 psi drop) Valve Alone51 gpm66 gpm13.2 49 gpm
Regeneration:Downflow/UpflowAdjustableTime Available DownflowYes164 minutes
Meter Accuracy Range  1"                                  1-1/2"Meter Capacity Range   1"                                   1-1/2" 0.7-40 gpm +/- 5%1.5-75 gmp +/- 5%Standard: 310-5,270 gals.Extended: 1550-26,350 gals.Standard: 625-10,625 gals.Extended: 3,125-53,125 gals.
Dimensions:  Distributor Pilot  Drain Line  Brine Line  Mounting Base  Height (from top of tank) 1.5" Pipe I.D.1" NPT (male)1/2" (3/8" available)4"-8 UN6-1/2" 
Tank Application - can regenerate/backwash the following:  Water Softener  Iron Filter  Sediment Filter  Carbon Filter  Neutralizing Filter 10"-30" diameter10"-24" diameter10"-24" diameter10"-24" diameter10"-24" diameter
Electrical RatingPressureTemperature 24v, 100v, 220v-50Hz, 60HzHydrostatic: 300 psiWorking: 25-125 psi34-110 F
Cycles:1. Backwash (Upflow)2. Brine & Slow Rinse (Downflow)3. Rapid Rinse (Downflow)4. Brine Tank Refill5. Service (Downflow) Typical Time:10 minutes60 minutes10 minutes12 minutes
Options:Backwash filterHot waterMeter initiated regenerationManual operationService valve operator No hard water bypass pistonElectronic timerEnvironmental coverNickel Plating