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Automatic Water Filters

Enjoy clean, clear odor-free water

Industry, agriculture and the everyday activities of humanity spoil the quality of our water supplies. Water problems produce stained laundry, fixtures and appliances. Your water may be cloudy, smelly, discolored or it may have acidic content that will destroy your plumbing.

Sediment, rust, cloudiness, bad taste, unpleasant odor, metallic flavor, discoloration, whatever your problem, we have a filter to provide the solution.


  • Three year warranty on 5600 and 5000 Noryl control valve with two cycle operation
  • Programming ease and options, accessible user friendly controls
  • Adjustable cycles on the 5000 control increase operating efficiency by improving backwash effectiveness and by saving water
  • Heavy duty mineral tanks with a ten year warranty
  • Strong, durable Noryl valve body with weather resistant enclosure on 5000 control
  • Optional bypass valve for ease of installation and service
  • Optional insulated tank jacket to reduce condensation

Taste and Odor Filter

Unpleasant tastes and odors caused by chlorine or organic substances, such as decayed vegetation and run-off, are absorbed by op quality activated carbon.

The filter will automatically backwash to a predetermined schedule. This frees the bed of accumulated impurities and readies it for operation again.

Turbidity Filter (Multi-Media)

Suspended particulate matter, such as clay and silt, which gives water a cloudy appearance is trapped in the filter bed to produce clean, clear water.

A variety of gravel and sand facilitates more through backwashing and prevents channeling. Periodic backwashing cleans the bed.

Neutralizing Filter

This neutralizing filter contains special media which raises the pH of acidic water and neutralizes its corrosive characteristics. In addition to protecting pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances, this filter also facilitates the removal of iron and manganese by raising the pH. This enables an iron filter to be used. Periodic backwashing cleans the bed. Additional media may be required six months to two years after installation, depending on the water's pH.

Specifications and Performance

Valve MaterialInlet/OutletCycles Lead Free Brass1-1/2" NPT (female)5
Flow Rate (50 psi inlet)   Continuous (15 psi drop)   Peak (25 psi drop)CvMaximum Backwash (25 psi drop) Valve Alone51 gpm66 gpm13.2 49 gpm
Regeneration:Downflow/UpflowAdjustableTime Available DownflowYes164 minutes
Meter Accuracy Range  1"                                  1-1/2"Meter Capacity Range   1"                                   1-1/2" 0.7-40 gpm +/- 5%1.5-75 gmp +/- 5%Standard: 310-5,270 gals.Extended: 1550-26,350 gals.Standard: 625-10,625 gals.Extended: 3,125-53,125 gals.
Dimensions:  Distributor Pilot  Drain Line  Brine Line  Mounting Base  Height (from top of tank) 1.5" Pipe I.D.1" NPT (male)1/2" (3/8" available)4"-8 UN6-1/2" 
Tank Application - can regenerate/backwash the following:  Water Softener  Iron Filter  Sediment Filter  Carbon Filter  Neutralizing Filter 10"-30" diameter10"-24" diameter10"-24" diameter10"-24" diameter10"-24" diameter
Electrical RatingPressureTemperature 24v, 100v, 220v-50Hz, 60HzHydrostatic: 300 psiWorking: 25-125 psi34-110 F
Cycles:1. Backwash (Upflow)2. Brine & Slow Rinse (Downflow)3. Rapid Rinse (Downflow)4. Brine Tank Refill5. Service (Downflow) Typical Time:10 minutes60 minutes10 minutes12 minutes
Options:Backwash filterHot waterMeter initiated regenerationManual operationService valve operator No hard water bypass pistonElectronic timerEnvironmental coverNickel Plating