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The Duke Aerator

Chemical Free Indoor Degasification System

The best proven system for removal/reduction of gases from potable water: Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, Radon, Volatile Organic Compounds and Odors

Well water enters the unit from the well pump and is sprayed through the special non-clogging nozzles creating a fine mist, thereby releasing the gases from the water. With the indoor model, gases are then vented outside through an exhaust blower. The Duke Aerator contains a submersible pump to supply water to the building, and the aerator is completely assembled and wired for fast installation. Standard features: Strong, rust-free fiberglass construction, easy clean gel coated exterior, easy clean interior with drain valve, 10 year limited warranty.

Specifications and Performance

Model Diameter Height Blower
A30V 33" 62" 60 cubic feet per minute
A30VO 27.5" x 37.5"(oval) 68" 60 cubic feet per minute