Products - Formula

Improve Your Water Quality.

The "Formula Series" water purifier uses the proven and dependable technology of reverse osmosis. Water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that separates the clean water at the molecular level from the majority of impurities

The FORMULA consists of RO membrane, large 3.2 gallon storage tank, and air-gap faucet. The entire RO system is usually installed in the kitchen cabinet under the sink. The faucet mounts to sink top. In addition, hookup to your refrigerator ice maker is recommended.


  • Enjoy Purified drinking water on demand
  • Improve taste of water and ice
  • Cooking and hot beverage taste is improved
  • Guard against agri-chemicals
  • More water delivered than other systems.

Specification and Performance for the Formula:

System Capacity 50 GPD
Tank Capacity 4 Gal.
Recovery 20-25%
Rejections 90% min.
Pre-Filter spun poly
Pre-Filter carbon block
Post-Filter in-line GAC
Membrane TFC
TDS 2000 ppm max
Feed Pressure 40-100psi
Feed Water PH 3-11
Water Temperature 40-80F
Chrome Faucet Long Reach

Nominal Rejection Rates for typical R/O Units:

Aluminum 96-98
Arsenic 94-96
Bacteria 99+
Barium 96-98
Cadmium 95-97
Calcium 94-97
Chlorine 90-95
Chloride 90-95
Copper 96-98
Cyanide 90-95
Fluoride 93-95
Hardness 90-95
Iron 97-98
Lead 96-98
Magnesium 95-98
Manganese 94-96
Mercury 95-97
Nitrate 92-95
Phosphate 97-98
Silver 95-97
Sodium 94-98
Zinc 96-98