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Sunburst Series

Sunlight Systems' premiere line of residential and commercial disinfection systems, the Sunburst Series, is manufactured in the United States in a number of configurations.

Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) should be used if disease-carrying microorganisms, pathogens, can enter your water supply. UV is most effective when the water has been pre-treated with another filtration system. This is because pre-filters remove large particles, water cysts, odors and tastes. These impurities can interfere with the transmission of UV energy.

Water enters the electro-polished stainless steel chamber and is exposed to high doses of Ultraviolet light. The UV light comes from a lamp that is enclosed in a quartz sleeve. The lamp used for germicidal water disinfection produces radiation at 254 nanometers and has a life of 10,000 hours. Light in this range targets the bacterial and viral DNA of water contaminants. Exposure prevents the microorganisms from being able to reproduce and cells that can not reproduce are considered dead. UV disinfects without adding or creating chemicals. It does not change the taste or odor of the water nor does it remove beneficial minerals. Water is read to drink after disinfection.

Specifications and Performance

Unit GPM Dimensions Inlet Size Power 120/660 Lamps Weight lbs
SBH-7 7 22 x 9 x 9 3/4" .6 amps 1 12
SBH-10 10 22 x 9 x 9 3/4" .7 amps 1 16
SBH-15 15 39 x 9 x 9 3/4" .75 1 25
SBH-20 20 39 x 9 x 9 1" 1 amp 1 25